A little about us and Silueta Tango

Looking into Argentine Tango for some friends, we came across a Bedford-based club with good teachers and began lessons…and quickly became drawn into the addictive world of this beautiful, sensual dance.

We soon began attending classes and milongas elsewhere in the UK, in France and Argentina. When our teachers in Bedford, Barry and Stephanie, decided to stop teaching, we jumped in with all four feet and took over our local club. We discovered that we love teaching and helping people to learn and find their own love for tango.

About us…

Linda is basically an afternoon tea addict and was desperate to organise a tea dance. Fortunately, she’s quite good at baking and at organising events so the Sunday tea dance at Renhold was born.

As for David…well, he’s a one-off and a natural raconteur. He can find ways to describe how a movement feels that others would never have thought of…then he says it and you think “Oh yes, that’s exactly how it is.” His enthusiasm for tango never wanes and he’ll merrily talk anyone under the table about it once he starts.

We very much enjoy the social side of dancing and our events, especially Silueta Sundays, have become known for it. We’re very lucky to have made great friends through our own learning and teaching experience.

We still learn from our own maestros Adrian and Amanda Costa, who are based in La Rochelle, France. They’re truly fabulous dancers, known for the quality of their dancing and their superb understanding and expression of the music.

We have also worked intensively with maestros Jorge Dispari and Maria Del Carmen Romero, along with Paulina Cazabon and José Luis Gonzalez, Ricardo Calvo and Sandra Messina.

About the Club…

We have some wonderful people of all ages within the Silueta Tango group and we have lots of fun. The classes are relaxed, generous and friendly. Of course, we have obligatory breaks for tea and cake, and more healthy options.

As well as the classes and tea dance, we regularly organise special weekend events with recognised international teachers, including Adrian and Amanda. Plus we have twice monthly Tango Café practice nights, and specialised courses.

If you haven’t already, we hope the you will soon discover the joy of dance and a love for Argentine tango.

Come along!

Tango teachers - Linda & David dancing at Tangoumois

Tango – Photo courtesy of Gwenaël, Sculpteur d’Images

Linda and David dancing milonga at La Milonga Conexion in Guildford.

Thank you Marek Szotkowski for the opportunity and the video.