Milongas and special events

Milongas and special events at Silueta Tango.

As well as the monthly Silueta Sundays Tea Dance, we enjoy organising other milongas and special events. These are held less frequently and we like to make them a different to the tea dances. We try to give each one a different theme or, perhaps a new dj.


Milonga at Silueta Tango

We are also very lucky to be able to offer workshops and weekend events with the very best of Argentine Tango from international teachers and dancers.

These dancers have the same ethos and innate understanding of salon tango and focus on the connection of the couple and the music. They believe in tango as a social dance. Yes, dancing for the couple, but also for the group, and the continuation of this feeling away from the floor. You’ll see them dancing in traditional salon style with elegance and musicality.

We’ll keep you posted with dates of forthcoming special events.