Milonga Codes - Tango etiquette and guidelines for milongas

Milonga Codes for our Events and Tea Dances

We don’t mind what style of tango you dance but to make the milonga a happy place where everyone is able to dance freely and comfortably, there are traditionally accepted milonga codes to follow.

When you visit our milongas and tea dances, please adhere to these guidelines –

  • Use the mirada and cabeceo to request dances as much as possible.
  • When joining the dance floor, make eye contact with the approaching leader to let him know you would like to join his line of dance (the leaders’ cabeceo).
  • Be aware of the safety and comfort of the other dancers on the floor –

Follow the line of dance and stay in lane – don’t weave in and out nor do figures that cross into another lane;

Respect the space of other dancers – don’t get too close to those in front of you nor block the dancers behind you;

Avoid high boleos or ganchos if the floor is crowded – keep your feet close to the ground;

Avoid stepping backwards or using steps that may cause injury.

  • If a collision occurs, apologise to the other dancers involved, regardless of fault.
  • Please don’t teach or practice steps during the milonga.
  • Leaders, after the tanda, please escort followers off the floor and preferably back to their chairs.
  • Please leave the dance floor between tandas to allow for the cabeceo.
  • Respect each other regardless of style or dance experience – dance with a warm and respectful embrace, and dance next to others as you would like them to dance next to you.

We would also appreciate that you refrain from promoting your event or classes whilst at ours.

These codes aren’t as restrictive as they might seem and everyone will benefit by them. If you have any queries though, please come and talk to us.

Thank you!

David and Linda