Enrosques workshop

Add Enrosques and Lapices to your tango!

A special workshop on Sunday 25 November for leaders and followers!

In this workshop, we’ll be showing you lapices and enrosques. We could say pencils and threads, as that’s the English translation but, somehow, it doesn’t have the same ring to it. However, they’re both good, desciptive words for the movements that we’ll create on the day. During the class, you’ll discover how to dance them elegantly, with balance, and  just as importantly, where to put them in the music. 

These enrosques and lapices will be suitable for leaders and for followers. Followers – this isn’t a workshop that is all about the leaders!

Ravensden Village Hall, Church End, Ravensden, BEDFORD MK44 2RR

10.30 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.
with a refreshment break and,  above all, time to practise and ask questions

£15 per person, including refreshments

Everyone is welcome but please note that this workshop is aimed at improver/intermediate level dancers . Therefore, it won’t be suitable for anyone new to tango.
After the class, there’ll be time for practice and we’ll gladly give you any extra guidance, if you’d like it.
PS – Please book in advance  by email
or call David on 07801 690135

Here is the website for Ravensden Village Hall with more information about the hall, and photos to help you find it!