Silueta Tango Club – the place to learn and dance traditional Argentine tango.

Welcome to Silueta Tango where you will find a friendly and welcoming group of tango dancers from all backgrounds and all age groups. We love the social side of tango, as they do in Buenos Aires, and hold regular events as well as the class nights.Silueta Tango tea dance

You can learn to dance at –

  • Weekly classes from beginner level forward – every Monday
  • Twice monthly Tango Café -a social and practice evening to build your confidence
  • Private lessons to further develop your dance – available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and some weekends.

Our tango is just that…tango. It’s not fused with any other dance or any other music. It’s tango – pure and simple, and beautiful. It can be difficult, frustrating, bewildering…we could go on…but, if you want something to keep you challenged, and you want to experience the sublime moment when everything falls into place and you’re totally connected to another human being and to the music…there’s nothing like it.

We’ll do our best to help you reach that point so we focus the classes on –

  • The music and how to dance within it
  • The embrace and connection
  • The beautiful tango walk
  • Tango figures or movements to enhance your dance
  • How to dance socially to get the most enjoyment and the most dances!

You can also come along to –

  • Silueta Sundays, our very popular tango tea dance – usually held on the first Sunday of each month
  • Regular milongas (social dances)
  • Workshops with visiting, world-class teachers

Please have a look around the website and contact us if you’d like more information. It would be lovely to welcome you to Silueta Tango!